Do you love your life and work? How will you get to yes?

We'd like to help.

Munyay publishes coaching tools to help people and organizations thrive in ways that matter most. One of our tools is an online coach marketplace that makes professional coaching affordable and accessible to anyone who wants it.

Now you can receive the awesome benefits of coaching that were once only available to the few.

You can gain clarity in what's important, improve productivity and communication, increase confidence and self-esteem, remove obstacles and achieve goals, or whatever else is vital to you.

Do you want to love your life and work? Let us help you get to yes!

Coaching that fits your needs

Our international marketplace helps you find coaching that fits your needs. Search the marketplace for different types of coaches by category, price, keyword or location. Learn about the coach, read user reviews, even meet the coach by sending a message. For more particular needs, post a want and coaches who match your needs will be notified automatically.


Trained and approved coaches

Coaches who appear on the marketplace have been trained and approved as Munyay Approved Coaches through previous certification, training or our coach academy. You can trust that you’ll receive professional coaching from coaches who are skilled in the coaching process. They’ll handle you with care, adhere to coaching competencies, and help you achieve your goals.


Easy and convenient for you

We make it easy and convenient for you to get coached. Find your coach using search details or posting a want, then book your session with the built-in messaging service and appointment calendar. After your session is confirmed, get coached via video, phone, or in-person at the agreed upon day and time. If you want to try a different coach next time, no problem!  


Affordable pricing

Our marketplace offers professional coaching at a price you can afford. Search for coaches by price range or post a want for a particular price. You can also negotiate alternative pricing with the coach when you request an appointment. When you’re ready to pay for your session, our payment gateway processes your payment safely and securely.


Coaching helped me identify my strengths, which in turn helped me understand what to prioritize in my work and my sense of calling. I now focus on maximizing my power alley with newfound clarity and confidence.

Bret Mavrich, Founder Ascend Seven Consulting

Never underestimate the power of a great testimonial. A few words of praise from a happy customer can work wonders. A big, friendly smile never hurts, either.

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.


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